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We have a number of committees to help plan and organize our events. If you are interested in joining a committee or have a specific question, you have the option to directly communicate with the specific committee. 


The Dialogue committee focuses on establishing ways to reach out in our communities for cultural and religious dialogue. Our organization focuses on both Interfaith and Intrafaith Dialogue. Interfaith Dialogue: Joint activities with Churches, Synagogues and other Religious Traditions and Intrafaith Dialogue: Establishing Relationships with various Muslim Communities. 


As a non-profit, our organization only sustains by the generosity of our volunteers, donors and funding approved through grants. Grants are financial resources given by the federal, state, or local governments to help fund a beneficial project for our community. Sometimes financial resources can also be received through companies and businesses by following their specific processes and procedures. Our grant committee puts together and submits the appropriate applications needed for our helpful projects.  

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The education committee carries an important role in our organization by planning, guiding and managing the educational efforts and projects to the individuals of our community. The committee is the forefront of coordinating educational activities for all ages throughout the year.

Humanitarian Help

The Humanitarian Help Committee organizes events, fundraisers and ideas to help people in need both within our communities and throughout the world. Many people need a helping hand to guide them through tough times for better tomorrows. This committee works to help solve that problem.

Event Planning

Each event, from the smallest to the largest, takes hours of planning, organization and guidance. The dedication of our Event Planning Committee, makes our events a reality.

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